Forex Auto Trading EA Robots

Grafix360 also proud to announce its latest development wing ‘Forex Auto Trading Robots’. We develop forex software termed as expert advisors which takes care of auto trading forex market 24 x 5 online & return customers substantial profits. Our software is customized with inbuilt risk & money management modules which can storm the highly volatile forex markets to produce consistent returns over a period of time.

Trade Faster & Easier

Customize MetaTrader So You Can Do More & Make More

You’ve worked hard to develop your Forex trading strategy, one that has unlimited potential. But now you’re held back by the shortcomings of your software. We can help.

We develop custom programming solutions for MetaTrader that simplify manual trading and allow you to partially or fully automate tasks. Just imagine how much easier life could be with a program based on your own personal trading strategy!

We can design any of the following for you:

  • Indicators – Get visual representation of combinations of variables like price, volume and other signals.
  • Scripts – Execute repetitive, time-consuming operations such as opening and closing orders with these small programs.
  • Expert Advisors – Formulate your trading ideas into EAs to simplify complex trading tasks and maximize profits.
  • Program Collaboration – Have your EAs connect with indicators and scripts. Create hotkeys for specific functions.
  • Existing Program Modification – Customize your current EA or indicator, even if you don’t have the source code. We can decompile an ex4 file to reveal the programming code behind it.

Whether you want a small program or a complete system, we’ll develop a solution that lets you achieve more with your trading strategy.

Experienced MetaTrader Programmers

We know MetaTrader inside and out. Our expertise is based on creating hundreds of customized MetaTrader programs over the course of many years.

Because of our familiarity with the software, we can provide fast turnarounds, usually just 2 to 5 days. We are fully accountable for our work and handle any troubleshooting or necessary modifications to functionality.

We use clear code that is easy to modify later should you want to modify or expand your trading strategy. As experienced MetaTrader programmers, we’re able to include advanced features as defaults for each program.

Get Started Today!

Tell us what you need. We’ll quickly provide a project quote that includes full source code, backtesting, troubleshooting and modifications as needed. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you get exactly what you want.

Just think how much more you can accomplish when MetaTrader is customized to your personal trading strategy. Order your customized solution today and you could be using it to trade in days!